Tankstelle & Mittelstand, May 10th to 11th 2017, Münster (Germany)

The “Tankstelle & Mittelstand” as a branch meeting around the petrol station was once again a great success this year, characterized by many interesting encounters, constructive discussions and a lively exchange.

Again, we have learned that we are on the right track together with our customers to make the filling stations fit for the future.

This year, we have presented modular LED panels for individual design possibilities on pylons and tank tops, LED price displays, dynamically controllable contour lighting, digital signage solutions as well as, of course, the possibilities of the classic illuminated advertising and lighting elements around the filling station.

Tankstelle & Mittelstand, May 10th to 11th 2017: Impressions

EuroShop, March 5th to - 9th 2017

Also the EuroShop 2017 was again an impressive fair with many innovations and ideas. We were very happy about the positive response and thank all our visitors for the

constructive conversations, interesting suggestions and positive feedback!

ALPHASIGNS has once again shown that quality and innovation at the POS are crucial in order to inspire new customers and to retain customers. We have shown a number of product innovations this year, and we have continued our way into digital outdoor and indoor presentations and presented a wide range of possibilities in digital signage, from digital outdoor displays to the special format presentation display.

 "We light up your brand" for Alpha Signs is a
complete offer in the field of exterior and interior as well as a
europeanwide service and worldwide delivery network!

EuroShop, March 5th to 9th, 2017: Impressions


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