Gold and Silver Prints

In 2005 Alpha Print developed acrylic gold and silver printing with a perfect high-gloss finish and has been offering this technology for products especially for the car industry and for many breweries since then. This ground-breaking technology replaces far more expensive and less durable technologies in electric sign advertising and provides long-term outdoor durability at the same time.

Digital Signage

Alpha Signs offers varying presentations of contents and activities at the POS. This digital system offers the advantage of remote control and to add new contents to an unlimited number of locations online. Digital Signage by Alpha Signs – flexible and up to date!

LED-Acrylic Letters

The LED-Acrylic Letter is specially designed for the high demands of outdoor advertising. With only 10-33 mm material thickness the letter is an filigree, elegant and very effective eyecatcher. The illumination is made by sealed LEDs.


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