„Why LED?“

Growing environmental awareness and the rising consciousness for sustainability require innovative solutions. Considering increasing energy costs, energy efficient lighting becomes more and more important. Using new LED-illuminants is one of the most effective and immediate practical possibilities to save energy and therefore money.

At the same time LEDs accomplish the most important requirements regarding sustainability and cost reduction compared to conventional illuminants:

  • Up to tenfold higher lifespan
  • Enormous energy saving potential
  • Decreased maintenance costs
  • Much lower CO2-emission
  • Free of environmental toxins
  • Unproblematic disposal

As a result, the environmental compatability when using LEDs is ensured in several ways. On the one hand LEDs do not contain any hazardous material, disposal is therefore very easy. On the other hand the CO2 emission can be reduced significantly.

Due to the very fast technical progress the actual LED generation is absolutely comparable to conventional illuminants with regard to the light-flux (lumen) and the colour rendering index (CRI/Ra). Even better: The LED has already begun to overtake conventional illuminants in many areas.

The fields of applications for LEDs increase every day, so please feel free to ask for our expert advice.

LED Lighting


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