„focused on costs“

Both, new development and further development of modern LED-solutions to substitute conventional lighting as well as the development of integrated concepts for energy saving LED-lighting, for example at petrol-stations, hotels, parking garages or production halls and stores up to elevators, have become the second competence of Alpha Signs.

The enormous energy saving potential (up to 90%) go together with a much longer lifespan (up to tenfold) and create clear decision criterions in favour of LED-technology.

Particularly the performance regarding light-flux and colour rendering index (CRI) have improved enormously over the past 2 years and have become completely competitive compared to conventional illuminants, for example fluorescent tubes.

In the case of retrofitting existing facilities as well as in the case of new built spaces used primarily for commercial purposes, nobody can ignore this kind of lighting anymore.

Alpha Signs has achieved a technological lead in LED-applications and now the challenge is to hold that lead. Therefore we focus on our own production- and development capacities whenever possible.

LED Lighting


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